Settings overrided

If I try to remove “administration_token”: “” to remove authentification, it came back.
If I try to put password or set the no_save_password in the /tmp_directory/tmp/localhost/all/.duplicacy/preferences or localhost/0 or localhost/1, they are erased.
I don’t get it.

And I still don’t know why there is and what is the all, 0 and 1 configurations…

That is because they are overwritten by the web GUI. Those directories are used by the web GUI as the “pseudo” repositories, so although you can manually run the CLI from there, it is not recommended to make changes to those preferences files.

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Thank you.
So how do I remove administration password to access directly web GUI?
And how do I override the use of the keyring. If I keep the actual configuration, ALL my schedules failed. A bit problematic for a backup solution :slight_smile:

Maybe add in the header of those files that you can use them but that they’ll be overided by gui?

You can remove the administration password by editing the ~/.duplicacy-web/duplicacy.json file while the web GUI is not running.

The easiest way to fix credential problems is to remove the storages and then recreate them with the same names.

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