Several zero size chunks destroyed my history

This is a similar story to So one corrupted chunk can destroy all my backups?. I found several (about 10) zero size chunks, deleted them, and deleted all snapshots related to them, losing about 8 months of backups. Not a particular issue, since most of the files are recoverable, and I didn’t really need those backups (until today), but isn’t there a way to restore as much of the history as possible? I know that the bad snapshots are the ones from, say, revision 100 to 200. Wouldn’t be possible to have a script that restores (-persist) whatever it can and then pushes it back into the backup so that I can have at lest the history of the recoverable files? Is there a command which pushes a backup into the duplicacy repo telling it it’s revision so and so from date so and so?

Yes, for each affected revision you can create a new backup for restorable files but you won’t be able to set the date or revision number.