SFTP connection error


I’m new to duplicacy and testing the solution, so sorry if this problem has already be addressed…

CLI version 2.0.10 downloaded from Release Duplicacy 2.0.10 Command Line Version · gilbertchen/duplicacy · GitHub

I’m trying to connect a SFTP server but I get this error message :

Failed to load the SFTP storage at sftp://user@ dial tcp: lookup nexxit.admin@ getaddrinfow: A non-recoverable error occurred during a database lookup.

The client is a windows computer connecting to a linux sftp running on port 22. From the same client I able to connect to the sftp server with WinSCP.

Any help would be appreciated…

The . in the user caused Duplicacy to fail to separate the user name and the server address, so it was trying to connect to user@ instead of

I will fix the github branch later today but a workaround for now is to use a different username without the ..


I confirm that without the . it’s working.

I am also having a problem connecting to a SFTP server on a local network.
I get the error message:

Failed to load the SFTP storage at sftp://user@ Can’t access the storage path P/BDup/Files: file does not exist

I have setup Filezilla and Cyberduck to connect to SFTP with exactly the same storage url and have no problems with them. I crossed checked to check that I did not make a mistake.

Any ideas?
Win10 Pro x64 9 (client and server)

cheers and thanks

Ok… I figured it out now.
I needed a “/” in the storage location to give me 2 “/” after the IP address.