SFTP host key has changed

I’m running into an issue with SFTP:

Failed to load the SFTP storage at sftp://save@192.168.xx.yy/zz: ssh: handshake failed: The host key for ‘192.168.188.xx:yy’ has changed

Which is indeed the case - this is a new install on the same server box.

Is there a way to get rid of the saved information so that the new key will be accepted?


The host keys are stored in .duplicacy/known_hosts. You’ll just need to remove the corresponding line.

Aha! - Yes, that solves it - many thanks!

And where can I find this known_hosts file on a Windows Server?

This is a per-repository file under the .duplicacy directory for each repository, and in the web GUI the repository is under ~/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/<n>. So it is located under ~/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/<n>/.duplicacy.

~ means the home directory. On Windows it is usually C:\Users\username\ but if you installed the web GUI as a service you can find the .duplicacy-web directory under C:\ProgramData.