Shadow copy creation failed - Exit code 0

Hi, I have already read (in an old post) about this error which is happening to me randomly:

IVssAsync is pending for more than 180 seconds
Shadow copy creation failed: DoSnapshotSet didn’t finish properly

I already know that I have to adjust -vss-timeout accordingly to work this out (i.e. increasing it to 360). All good with that, however, even though it should be considered as a clear error or failed backup, the exit code still seems to be 0 and I am not getting the proper notification e-mail (which I have set through some scripts).

Could you please confirm what is the exit code when you receive the error from above?

Thanks in advance for your time.


Can you double check that the exit code is 0 in this case? It looks to me from reading the code that the exit code should be 100 when an error is thrown.

Hi gchen, thank you for your reply. As I mentioned before, the IVssAsync is happening randomly when running the scheduled task I have defined, so that makes a bit complicated to replicate this again manually. However, I will try to force it somehow (maybe decreasing the timeout) to verify the exit code. I will let you know, thanks!