ShadowCopyTimeout not working


going over some posts i noticed with 2.10 and above you can add a registry string called ShadowCopyTimeout in HKLM or HKCU under the duplicacy and the corresponding job and its supposed to let you overwrite the amount of time needed to create a shadowcopy

i have done so and set it to 360… which i assume means 360 seconds…

i shut down the program… opened it as admin and tried to run a job and it still errors out with the following

12:34:26.645 IVssAsync is pending for more than 60 seconds
12:34:26.645 Shadow copy creation failed: DoSnapshotSet didn’t finish properly


That is a per job registry value, so did you add it under HKCU\Software\Duplicacy\Job{0,1,2,…}?

If you set it correctly, the log will show the -vss-timeout option passed to the backup command.


not sure if that will work… but that’s how i set it up


i believe its under hklm… thats the only job that matches my settings…


also the previous version was a custom made package that you built that had the timeout built… when i installed the newest version i shutdown the app and installed over the top… im in bit of a bind here because i cant back anything up unless its at 3am and i disconnect all of the shares


That registry setting looks correct to me. Again, you should be able to the -vss-timeout option in the log, like:

20:13:12.000    Command: duplicacy -background -log backup -stats -vss -vss-timeout 600


it doesnt pass the time out to job



Did you restart Duplicacy after adding ShadowCopyTimeout (right click the system tray icon and select Quit to close the current instance first)?


yes… and reboot the server


Could be the other job. HKLM\Software\Duplicacy\Jobs contains the indices of all jobs.


im just going to kill the job,… kill the process… remove the directory… remove the registry entries associated with it and start over…


yeah that worked… i added the string back and started up and it worked…

so this might be some anomaly because i had a custom version installed that i didnt remove and just upgraded …

all works now… set 360 for the string and it worked perfect… thats a great addition