Should I disable Backblaze B2 Cloud Lifecycle Settings?

BackBlaze B2 seems to have its own file version history. Should I set this to: “Keep only the last version”

This is from Supported storage backends on the B2 storage backend:

If you back up multiple repositories to the same bucket, the lifecyle rules of the bucket is recommended to be set to Keep all versions of the file which is the default one. The Keep prior versions for this number of days option will work too if the number of days is more than 7.

This github issue has a discussion on this topic: Restore is very slow · Issue #362 · gilbertchen/duplicacy · GitHub


Resurrecting the topic …

In my use case (different buckets - one for each large set of files - and with only one computer backing up to each bucket), I think it’s best to set the option to “Keep only the last version of the file”, right?

Otherwise, the cloud space will increase continuously even with prunes, since the deleted chunks will still be counted.

Yes, I think so too.

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Resurrecting an old thread another year later…but…

This is exactly how I thought things should work but based on the docs for how the B2 LifeCycle settings work, an explicit delete, which is done when a fossil is removed is properly honored and space is feed (from Lifecycle Rules on the B2 docs):

Keep all versions of the file (default) removes all lifecycle rules from the bucket, and keeps all versions of all files until you explicitly delete them.