Size of backup on OneDrive much smaller then orignal folders

Hi, i have recently started using Duplicacy. I setup my first backup roughly 800GB to transfer from 2 local folders to OneDrive. The issue is that on OneDrive the total size is showing up as 245GB. The entire process finished successfully. Is there something I can look into. Thanks for any help.

This is not “much” smaller, and is not an issue. This is compression and deduplication at work. (Unless you have excluded a bunch of files or folders from the backup).

If your sores data was mostly compressed photos and videos — you would not have seen any size reduction. But judging from a tiny dataset size you likely have some other, highly compressible data.

You can run duplicacy list -r <revision> -files to see the list of files backed up in the specified revision and compare that with the source folder three. Or check the logs (under .duplicacy/logs) for the list of files backed up. Or, better yet, restore your data to a new folder and compare with the source.

You should do that last bit anyway at least once, (ideally on another machine) to convince yourself that your backup works end to end: what’s not tested must be assumed broken

appreciate the help - Most of the files are photos (jpegs etc) and videos to be honest. I did a comparison all files seem to be there. Really impressed. Thanks once again

Those are by design incompressible. Therefore such reduction of size must be due to there being multiple copies of the same file. Which is a bit excessive – a two thirds of of your media library are duplicates? Something does not seem right.

Onedrive takes a while to update/calculate the total size of the folders. I have even opened tickets there in support in this regard. Large uploads (in number of files) can take days to show the correct size. In these cases I usually use Rclone to confirm the upload.

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im using unraid/docker where i have a duplicacy and a nextcloud docker containers. I mounted a specific nextcloud folder to duplicacy container and am backing this folder up to onedrive. There are no filters applied (in duplicacy). I have recovered a few files here and there (not a full backup) and they were all valid. Thanks for your input