Slow Upload and Download speeds from BackBlaze B2

Just getting started with Duplicacy and running into an issue with upload and download speeds. Using BackBlaze B2 as my backup destination. I have my backup set with 8 threads and am only getting around 5MB/s upload speeds.
My internet speed is 40mbps up and 1000mbps down. I’m pretty sure the upload/backup speed is just a limitation of my internet connection. The download/restore speed is where I think something is wrong. I’m also only getting 5MB/s download speeds. I’m restoring to an SSD on a decently fast computer so I don’t think its a device limitation.
Does BackBlaze only allow a maximum of 5MB/s upload and download speeds? Is there something I’m missing? I do have encryption on for the backup so does encryption just have a max speed of 5MB/s?
Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!!

40Mbps is 5MBps, so upstream is correct.

The downstream — Backblaze expects you to use multiple threads, and each thread is limited to 10mbps, IIRC. Are you setting number of threads for restore?

Restore speed is also effectively limited by the latency: since duplicacy creates a lot of small files, the time to first byte can contribute to the overall performance in a significant way. If you are far from Backblaze datacenter — this may matter.

I would suggest trying to download data with another tool, such as Cyberduck or Transmit and see what performance do you get with duplicacy data. Then try downloading a huge multiGB file, to see the throughput. (Both cases multithreaded)

The difference in performance between the two will show how much latency is contributing.

If it turns out it’s too large, and performance is important — I would suggest consider other providers.

STORJ comes to mind — they provide unprecedented throughput and georedundancy is built in into the design. It’s also cheaper than Backblaze. Duplicacy supports it both natively and via s3 gateway (slower, but uses less traffic on upload)

Sometimes its the simplest solutions. Set the restore thread count to 12 threads and now I’m getting 23MB/s down. Thanks for your advice!

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