Slow Upload Speeds from UNRAID To Storj

I’ve just set up Storj to backup my UNRAID NAS. Currently uploading at 677KB/s. This is a 1TB folder, going to be finished in 22 days! This can’t be right. I’ve got a 500mb fibre connection.

Native integration or s3?

Did you adjust the chunking parameters?

You should be able fully saturating your uplink.

Native. I have increased the threads to 4 now it’s at 1.17mb/s. I haven’t adjusted the chunk size as I’m using the GUI. What is the command to increase the chunk size to 64MB in the CLI?

nah, it’s still pennies.

You can only do it when initializing the storage the first time. You may want to nuke that storage, initialize a new one in CLI, and then add it in webUI.

See init commands parameters -chunk-size and -max-chunk-size. You can set the former to 32Mib and latter to 64Mib. Make sure you actually use MiB and not MB (i.e. specify chunk sizes as 32M not 32000000)

Or maybe even set all three (min, max, average) to 64. This is ensure the best performance, at the expense of possible using slightly more space. I’m not sure, I haven’t tested that.

See this thread: Not being able to backup with STORJ - #6 by saspus

Hmm I’m using the Web GUI docker you can’t use the CLI. Is there a CLI version you can install on UNRAID? Or is there another way I can change these settings?

You can, but it’s much easier to do it on your PC: Use CLI on your computer to initialize the storage on storj, with the parameters you need, and then add the same location in Unraid’s web-ui.