Hello, I just got the error:

ERROR SNAPSHOT_CHECK The snapshot contains an error: The entry
digital/library_b/2016/2016-10/2016-10.r2/_dsf8591.xmp appears before the entry

Oddly, the second file is named _dsf8592.raf not _dqf8592.raf.

What does this error mean and how do I resolve this error?

Many thanks

Did you mean _dsf8592.raf is the actual filename in the directory to be backed up? If so this must be a bit rot, since there is only one different bit between the ascii codes of s and q.

You can clean the local cache (by deleting the directory .duplicacy/cache). If the error still exists with a rebuilt cache, then the bit rot is in the chunk which can’t be easily fixed. Your only option is to remove the affected revision.