Some missing chunks, unable to restore previous versions

Is this an option in the gui? Don’t remember seeing this.

Not really. While you can add most flags to most job types, that one is involved in the add command - which is all handled for you when you add (or init) a storage. Only the equivalent copy compatible (add -copy) option can be done in the Web UI.

However, you can drop to a command line and create the storage there and add the storage in the GUI after. e.g.:

cd <config>\.duplicacy-web\repositories\localhost\all
..\..\..\bin\duplicacy_win_x64_3.1.0.exe -v add -encrypt -erasure-coding 5:2 -copy source-storage-name-as-per-gui -bit-identical new-storage-name-throwaway duplicacyweb "F:/newstoragepath"

Your Web UI config location (.duplicacy-web) would be in C:\Users\<user> or C:\ProgramData - depending on how you installed it.

Then add the new F:/newstoragepath storage to the GUI as normal.

Ok, so this is a command line thing.

In hindsight, I could have saved meself days of figuring this out simply by creating a temp folder, then restoring each revision from the WD to each respected sub folder, then edit the docker unraid template to point to each respected sub folder to be backed up and then just move the chunks and snapshots folder into a sub folder on the wd drive create a new storage on the Toshiba drive. Then make a new storage on the wd drive as copy compatible.

Ok, this very alien to me. it seams the docker version was having issues restoring. im trying to run the commands you have given, but i have zero clue of cli or anything. i am on windows. plan is that if i could set up on windows via cli then i could just migrate to the docker unraid. I tried running this

…\bin\duplicacy_win_x64_3.1.0.exe -v add -erasure-coding 5:2 -copy Hoard-Duplicacy-Backup -bit-identical Toshiba duplicacyweb “D:”

but i end up with Unrecognizable storage URL: D:"

the web ul config is in my users folder at C:\Users\USERNAME.duplicacy-web\repositories\localhost\all

Due to the amount of time this has been going on. I have created a 2nd storage with erasure and made it copy compatible with my original wd drive. I can schedule a copy from the wd drive to the toshiba drive. It should be set as bit identical anyhow if there is a copy option

The storage URL is the last parameter in your command and most likely the error is due to a missing slash after D:. However, I’d advise you create a directory on your D: drive instead of putting everything in the root - i.e. "D:\Duplicacy_Backup".

It won’t have been set as bit-identical if you only used -copy - you have to use both flags.

ok I have saved the duplicacy_win_x64_3.1.0.exe in C:\Users\USERNAME\.duplicacy-web\repositories\localhost\all and opened a cmd prompt and ran what you have said with this output.

duplicacy_win_x64_3.1.0.exe -v add -erasure-coding 5:2 -copy WD -bit-identical Toshiba duplicacyweb “D:\Duplicacy_Backup”
Compression level: 100
Average chunk size: 4194304
Maximum chunk size: 16777216
Minimum chunk size: 1048576
Chunk seed: 6475706c6963616379
Hash key: 6475706c6963616379
ID key: 6475706c6963616379
Data shards: 5, parity shards: 2
C:\Users\USERNAME.duplicacy-web\repositories\localhost\all will be backed up to D:\Duplicacy_Backup with id duplicacyweb

Dono if thats right?

Now what?

You didn’t need to put the exe in there as the leading ..\..\..\ would’ve pointed to the existing executable in .duplicacy-web\bin but, no matter, you managed to create a new storage. :slight_smile:

Now you just add the storage in the Web UI - point it to D:\Duplicacy_Backup, give it a new name and unlock it with the password you supplied.

ah ok. I think I am there. I had managed to create new storage in the subfolder name you said, and i am now backing up to hard drives at the same time with erasure and bit identical (at least thats what I hope, as i did include that in the command.

Sounds good :slight_smile:

Incidentally, it just occurred to me that adding erasure coding to a -bit-identical storage - while it seems to be possible - might contradict the purpose of having a bit-identical storage.

The original idea was to support making a copy of a storage with third-party tools such as rsync, and so chunks could be individually swapped out (to repair missing/bad chunks as well).

Hopefully, chunks from two bit-identical storages can be interchanged when one has erasure coding and the other does not. @gchen can you confirm this is safe?

Oh! I hope bit identical becomes an option in the web gui asap. It would be useful if theres some way to “convert” to bit identical and have erasure encoding. which i guess erasure ensures that if a chunk is missing, like i had then there is a chance to recover “something”.

Only thing is if its possible to “resume” a backup i cant leave the pc on for 15 hours with the hard drive racket going on.