Specify two backup destinations on the command line

I am backing up into two different cloud destinations. Would it be better to be able to specify two backup destinations on the command line and have the client to send the same backup data to two backup destinations at once instead of copying it from one destination to another?

Reasons for this is that the --copy approach creates a “longer chain” of backups and if the first link fails for reasons or another, the error might be passed to the second backup destination. Also some providers have extra charges for the amount of downloaded data. Any thoughts?

My only feedback is that right now, this (backing up to multiple storages simultaneously) is not possible. Maybe in the future :face_with_monocle:

I would add that the desired behavior could be achieved outside of Duplicacy: just run two instances at once. It’s unclear what is to be gained by that though:

I’d argue that from reliability standpoint I’d rather have 1 completed backup at one destination than two incomplete backups at two, and high means finishing one backup job before starting the other is better than concurrent backup to multiple destinations

In other words backing up sequentially is safer, as data will get backed up at at least one storage sooner, since upstream bandwidth is a shared resource.

In yet other words I think this feature request is moot.