Splitting the data to be stored offsite or onsite


I want to back up all my data to an external hard drive. In addition, I would like to store more important data in the cloud. What is the best way to do this?

I could create 2 snapshots (important and unimportant) and exclude folders via filter. Or I could create a snapshot for each folder (pictures, videos, music, etc.) and then add a cloud storage for each folder that should be backed up to the cloud.
I would like to be able to create a separate filter for each storage, but that won’t be possible, will it? So I only need one snapshot for each user, which would be nice.

I would be very happy about suggestions on how best to solve this.


You can create two blank directories and then with each directory run the init command with the -repository option which points to the directory that you want to back up. This way you can specify different storage urls and filters for each directory.

If you run the new web-based GUI then you can create multiple backups from the same repository directory (which essentially uses the -repository option under the hood).


Hi @gchen,

thank you for your response.

Yes, that would be a third option. But then I have to run 2 separate backup jobs and can’t use the suggested copy option. I will think about it and then decide which of the 3 possible options I will prefer.

Best regards