Storage entry duplication?

I make backups to the same endpoint, but to different folders therein.

Would it be possible to add the option of duplicating a storage entry for minor tweaks?

I already tried copy/pasting the entry from the JSON config file but that renders my license key invalid. When that happens I need to wipe all settings before I can start over.

I’m just curious. What’s the usecase when it is useful? I.e. why not backup everything into the same ”folder”?

I have different machines that backup different data. I also have some data that needs to be public and unencrypted. So I have storage entries for each machine, and also a storage entry for the unencrypted, public data.

It’s just easier to have it all on the same host. And when it’s all on the same host, I need to only change the folder name (and encryption setup) on the host in the subsequent storage entries in Duplicacy. - This becomes tedious when I need to copy/paste the same credentials every time.

Hmm. Is it true that the data is always stored in chunks, even though they are not encrypted?

Meaning, it isn’t possible to back up files (using Duplicacy) and have them usable on the host?


Can you clarify the question? Of course you can continue using files on the host. Or did you mean on the destination? It depends on your definition of usable: you can restore data from duplicacy backup.

Remeber, duplicacy is not a sync solution. It creates a versioned backup. Completely different thing for entirely different purpose. If you need sync — there are other solutions, like Resilio, syncthing, and various client side tools that allow data sync with optional encryption and mountability, like mountain duck with cryptomator, or rclone.

Or you can use both, it’s not mutually exclusive: sync for collaboration and replication and backup to maintain version history for disaster recovery and protection against mistakes and failures.

I see. I got wiser, no need for more questions. Thanks for the answers.