Storage not Initialized


I became the Message Storage not initialized but the Data from the previous Backups are storage on the Backup Storage.

Why I became this Message and how can i fix this to access and continued the Backup?

Many Thanks!



What storage is this? Do you see a file named config on the storage?

Sorry. Nextcloud with WebDAV.

Sorry, I not see the second question.
Do you mean the root directory?

Is it possible to recover that file in NextCloud? If the storage is encrypted, then there is no way to recreate this file. If the storage is unencrypted, you may be able to recreate this file by initializing a storage elsewhere and then copy over the config file.

I can’t see that this file deleted. No Config in the Recycle Bin. Minutes before that’s run the Backup success. No Idea why that’s File Disappeared.

Yes, the 2 Storages are encrypted.

What can I do? Its config file not a Copy of a Local file that’s I can copied?

That’s a important Feature Auto Backups of the Config Files. For example locally on the Duplicacy Server, Docker Container, appdata, Job Directory …

I have lost without the Config File Access to the Data of the Storage and that’s “destroyed” Although the Storage not Corrupted or Damage?