Storage password problems / retrieve storage password from webUI?

I created a rather big backup via sftp in the webUI and now wanted to access it with the CLI. Entering the what I believe correct storage password, I’m always getting this error:
“Using 16384 iterations for key derivation
Failed to download the configuration file from the storage: Failed to retrieve the config file: cipher: message authentication failed”
Searching the forum, I understand what that means and while I’m quite certain that the storage password from my password manager should be correct, it’s a possibility that it isn’t.

That said, the storage password I saved contains also extended ASCII. So I’m wondering if pasting that into the Mac Terminal app (through which I SSH’d into my NAS where duplicacy is installed via Docker), some of the characters might be jumbled causing the issue?

I do have no problem accessing the WebUI with the password and thus still have access to the backup, but without being able to get to it through the shell, I’m not sure I’d want to continue with it.

Is there any way to manually run a hash check if the details I have produce the same hash as it’s saved in the duplicacy.json file?
While I’m guessing there’s no way to turn the hash from the json back into the actual password, it would at least tell me if I have another password saved than is set on the storage. In that case I know I’d have to start over.


You can run the web GUI executable with the -print-credentials option in a terminal. With this option the storage password will be printed out when a job is running.

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