Storage size accuracy (OneDrive)

OneDrive itself shows the size of my storage is 670G. Web UI shows 709.97G. Any ideas why such a big difference?

Hehe, as long as onedrive shows less, i think you’re safe!

(could this be relate to Giga Bytes and Gibi Bytes?)

I’m having the same “issue” with pCloud (via webdav): Duplicacy says I’m using 3.85 TB but pCloud says it’s only 3.53 TB:



The difference between the numbers is actually even bigger, considering that I also have some non-dupliacy data in that storage.

@gchen, do you have any explanation?

How did you get 4Tb of space on pcloud? I thought their plans top out at 2Tb? I could do with additional space myself.

PM me if needed

I trust Duplicacy’s number more than pcloud’s :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you find a way to list all files and count the total size?


2020-02-02 21.30.15 2ce41f77415e

I love this output format :yum:

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+1 for anything ndcu!