Storage size not reported correctly

Please describe what you are doing to trigger the bug:
reloading storage tab, same applies to chunks and revisions

Please describe what you expect to happen (but doesn’t):
for the storage sizes to remain the same no matter how often the page is refreshed

Please describe what actually happens (the wrong behaviour):
storage sizes get displayed in various ways for the same backup (see images). depending on the order it displays some sizes and not others

I wonder if those missing lines were actually there just not displayed correctly due to color issues. Labels were missing in the first and second screenshots – can you right-click the position where they should be and select Inspect to check if html elements are present?

I refreshed the page 5 times and every time all names of the backups show up, just in random orders; however they are all there. In the original screenshots I just cut them off by mistake.

In the website code it also appears that all the lines are present but not being rendered correctly; looks like it may be a limitation on the amount of colours that are being presented. It seems to have access to a 15
colours, but it starts to repeat them and the duplicates are not rendered. So there are always some lines that do not properly display, but some times one can not see it. See screenshots, where it is always the last two colours. And because the names are shuffled it hits different backups randomly.

Screenshot1: small backups affected

Screenshot2: here the two big backups are affected

I figured out what the issue is: currently the chart (based on Chartist.js) has only 15 colors built in. When there are more than 15 lines, extra lines will not be displayed. Coupled with the random order in listing backup ids, the causes some different backups to disappear every time.

I’ve fixed this bug in the code base and should be included in the next build.


great! thank you for looking into this!