Storage Size - unRAID App Data backup size larger than expected

I’m having a hard time understanding an issue I’m having with the size of a specific Storage. I am backing up unRAID app data that has a total file size of 54.8 GB. However, the size of the Duplicay Storage for these files has grown far beyond that. It is now 182 GB. I don’t have this issue with my pictures and other media file backups; only on the unRAID app data backup. Pictures and other media storage sizes are identical one-for-one in terms of size.

Would be grateful for any hints/tips/suggestions. Thank you.


Have you tried pruning the backup? If not then a copy of all the versions of your backups is kept (like older versions) if not try setting up a schedule and then adding a job to prune.

Thank you for the reply. I do have a prune job scheduled but am confused about the settings. What would be the settings if I only want to keep one copy of the backup? What really doesn’t make sense to me is why other media backups (pictures and music files) don’t grow in size the way this one has.

Appdata probably contains files that keep changing. You can use duplicacy diff to find out more.

Your photos and videos don’t change, so additional backup versions take no additional space.

That would not be a backup. What’s the point of having a backup if you can restore previous versions?

I would review what are you backing up there. Perhaps you don’t need the whole app data folder, or perhaps reduce frequency of the backup.

On the other hand — 150gb is pennies. I would not worry about it. Even if it backs up a lot of transient garbage along with few bits of important data — it may be cheaper to just let it, and avoid having to micromanage the exclusions and pruning.

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Thank you for the replay and information. Very helpful.

One last question if I may. I do have a prune job set up but still am not sure if I fully understand all the settings. If I had a setting the showed this in the GUI, what exactly does it mean?

-keep 0:60 -keep 7:30 -keep 1:7 -a

Here is a good explanation: prune · gilbertchen/duplicacy Wiki · GitHub

Reading from back to front:

  • process all snapshots
  • Keep daily snapshots for snapshots older than a week
  • keep weekly snapshots for snapshots older than a month
  • keep no snapshots older than two months.
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