Strugging with prune understanding

I’m struggling with getting my head around pruning.

If a file is backed up and a new revision created say 5 years ago. Running a prune with the following job will prune the revision/file or not?


My understanding is that 0 snapshots are kept after 3 years. Does this mean the snapshot/file will be deleted and reuploaded in the next backup job?

Thanks in advance,

Old snapshot that falls under your prune policy will be deleted, yes.

New snapshot will be created according to your backup schedule.

These are independent events.

If one specific file was deleted 3 years ago — then yes, no snapshot will have that file anymore.

I’m not sure I understand the question. Can you elaborate what seems confusing?

If the file was created 5 years ago and deleted shortly thereafter, it will only be present in revisions from 5 years ago, and therefore this revisions will be deleted/pruned for being older than 3 years. In this case it will not be possible to restore the file (if necessary), as the old backups (revisions) will have been deleted.

If the file was created 5 years ago but still exists in the repository today, file versions older than 3 years will be deleted by prune, but chunks related to newer versions (< 3 years) will still exist in storage and will not be uploaded again, i.e. you can restore the file version from - let’s say - 2 months ago.