Stupid Question#1: Deduplication across computers?

Stupid Basic Question #1:

Does Duplicacy deduplicate data/files across computers?

Let’s say I have three computers backing up to the same B2 Bucket and sharing lot of the same files, does Duplicacy notice which files are the same and backup only the unique files? Does it matter if the files have different names or are in (relatively) different locations?

Duplicacy has lot of technical documentation but maybe bit better user-friendly marketing documentation would help?

Anyway, the tool seem awesome!


Yes, the data is deduplicated also in case of multiple computers having the same files, if they have the same names (i have tested that!).

I am unsure however if it takes into account filename changes. From what i understand i should though, as it looks at the actual data, and not at the file name when doing the deduplication.

However don’t take my word for it.

TheBestPessimist is right. The file name doesn’t matter. Duplicacy is able to deduplicate files with the same content but with different names.

If in the same bucket does one use the same or different repository names to get the deduplication between computers?

If there are multiple repositories backing up to the same bucket, each repository should have a unique repository id. The only case to use the same repository id is when you restore a repository to a different place/computer.

Testing out the software and it seems to work well. A bit of overhead but it seems to be deduplicating between two computers quite well.

I’m looking for a crashplan alternative for in the spring as they are getting out of the residential market. I’m a 3 desktop 3 laptop family so the upfront cost for the GUI is a bit much but the reduced renewal cost might make the upfront cost worthwhile long run. I’m more of a tech enthusiast than a full time computer guy so I don’t want to muck around to much with a CLI if I don’t have to.

Ideally, the personal GUI licenses should be per user or even per family, but because the way the licensing system works (a license activation code is bound to a host) this can’t be easily implemented without a low-level rework. Alternatively, I’m considering volume discounts for personal licenses. For instance, the first license remains at $20/$5, while each additional one will cost only $10/$2. Do you think this is a more reasonable pricing model for users like you?

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That would be very reasonable. For me it would mean the difference between 120/30 to 70/15 a year. Takes the sting out of the upfront costs and I’d hardly blink at the renewal costs at $15 and gives me room to grow as the kids start to get computers.

Prices for personal licenses have been updated.

That’s great. I’ve enjoyed the trial version thus far. You will have a new customer when my crash plan expires in the spring.