Stupid question #2 - How to you delete a repo?

Made a test repo to evaluate Duplicacy and now want to remove the repo. Can’t find anything in the docs or issues. Is it just something that has to be done at the filesystem level?

To remove a repository (the directory to be backed up), just delete the directory at the filesystem level, although the backups will remain in the storage.

To remove a storage, find the storage delete on the server and delete it. If it is a cloud storage, then usually the cloud service will allow you to do that on their website.


Did roughly this on the server:
cd /where/rep/was/stored
sudo rm -rf chunks snapshots config

And this on the client:
cd /where/the/repo/was/made
sudo rm -rf .duplicacy

And it’s gone.

A late follow-up, I know, but surely there’s another step, in the situation where you have multiple storages for a single repository, and you want to get rid of just one?

I’m in the process of converting plain-text storages to encrypted, as described by Gilbert. This leaves me with unencrypted storages that I want to get rid of. In addition to removing the storage (destination) directories, I’ll have to get rid of each relevant entry in the …/.duplicacy/preferences file(s).

Isn’t that taken care of by the last line of my comment?

sudo rm -rf .duplicacy