Subfolders empty after restoration


I am trying to restore some files I stored on Blackblaze. I have downloaded everything and setup duplicacy on my new computer. When I am doing the process of restoring, I picked the latest revision, and when I explore it on the GUI I can see that all folders have their actual content. However, after restoring if I explore the files and folders, only the files that were at the root of the main folder have been restored. If I try to open any folder it will be empty (also the restoration of the 200Gb took a split second).

Could you help me? I’m freaking out a bit that my data has been lost


Empty or not accessible? Permissions? What we restore filter?

They are empty, I can open them but there’s nothing inside.

I didn’t set any permissions, options or filters, I only filled the mandatory fields of the GUI.

I use MacOS btw

Can you post restore log?

Here are the latest one, there seem to be a permissions issue:

2024-01-24 19:20:02.376 INFO REPOSITORY_SET Repository set to /Users/cobra/Downloads/backkkkk/
2024-01-24 19:20:02.378 INFO STORAGE_SET Storage set to /Users/cobra/Downloads/duplicati-backup2
2024-01-24 19:20:02.379 INFO SNAPSHOT_FILTER Loaded 0 include/exclude pattern(s)
2024-01-24 19:20:02.473 INFO RESTORE_INPLACE Forcing in-place mode with a non-default preference path
2024-01-24 19:20:02.473 INFO RESTORE_INDEXING Indexing /Users/cobra/Downloads/backkkkk/
2024-01-24 19:20:02.473 INFO SNAPSHOT_FILTER Parsing filter file /Users/cobra/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/restore/.duplicacy/filters
2024-01-24 19:20:02.473 INFO SNAPSHOT_FILTER Loaded 0 include/exclude pattern(s)
2024-01-24 19:20:02.773 INFO RESTORE_START Restoring /Users/cobra/Downloads/backkkkk/ to revision 46
2024-01-24 19:20:02.797 INFO DOWNLOAD_PROGRESS Downloaded chunk 1 size 1521403, 1.45MB/s 1 day 04:02:22 0.0%
2024-01-24 19:20:02.824 INFO DOWNLOAD_PROGRESS Downloaded chunk 2 size 4332063, 5.58MB/s 07:17:16 0.0%
2024-01-24 19:20:02.830 ERROR RESTORE_CHOWN Failed to change uid or gid: lchown /Users/cobra/Downloads/backkkkk/afile.mp3: operation not permitted

Add -ignore-owner flag to your restore command.

It’s duplicacy btw, duplicati is entirely different piece of software.

It seems to be working, thanks! I will report back later.

I actually tried both before picking Duplicacy, and I probably forgot to rename the folder ahah

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I confirm that all my files look fine, thanks for your help!