Sudden and masive increase in storage use


I’m seeing a sudden increase in backup size. 250GB to 1.5TB. I’ve confirmed this in my b2 bucket as well

I have 2 computers backing up the same bucket. I had not run a prune in a long time, and there were many missing chunks that had been fossilized but not removed. Thus I paused everything and ran the following from the web edition:

prune -keep 0:1800 -keep 7:30 -keep 1:7 -a -exhaustive
check -a

check cleanly passed after this. However, the b2 usage is suddenly massive.
Looking at the check log shows a consistent number of files and backup size for both machines.
Any idea what happened?


That graph shows it going from ~0 to 1.2TB-ish (not 250GB to 1.5TB), which seems reasonable.

You may need to run some more backups and a further prune before the chunks collected in the exhaustive run are finally deleted.

Otherwise, an examination of your check output will show exactly what’s being used and where. If you want, post the tabular output here or in a pastebin.


There is something funky going on as it absolutely used to be ~250GB. 0GB is absolutely wrong as I’ve had backups for a year stored.

Looking at the plot in Storage tab shows 0GB usage then suddenly a jump. Since I’ve just moved to the web-ui, perhaps this is a result of the check passing. I now see it sees the other computer’s usage.