Suggestion: Always install for all users / service mode by default

So I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the user experience of Duplicacy and its general polish, particularly with the Web Edition, which is supposed to be user friendly…

There’s a lot of ideas which I want to raise one day but there’s one in particular that I think can improve QoL and support matters here - INSTALLATION! (For Windows at least.)

IMO, the installer(s) for the Duplicacy Web Edition should always be elevated (run as admin), and select service mode by default. For simplicity, and for allowing the program the maximum opportunity to backup all your files (and other user’s files), these two things are important. I know an installer can be forced to run as admin (has the little yellow and blue shield in the icon). Doing so would reduce the need for users to migrate settings and/or reinstall, and would reduce support posts on the forum. :slight_smile:

If an ‘install for just me’ option is still warranted (perhaps separate user instances on the same machine?) then the installer can still offer a choice, regardless of whether you run as admin, to ask ‘install for all users’ or ‘just for me’. Currently, the installer will only offer this choice if you manually run as admin, but I know an installer can ask to elevate privileges in the middle of an install wizard depending on input.

The choice should also default to ‘install for all users’ and flag it as [recommended], and also default to install as a service.