Suggestion: Storj DCS support

Suggestion: native interface support for Storj DCS, a decentralized storage solution. There is an S3 interface, but it has limitations compared to native integration.

Several backup solutions provide native integration:


Which backup clients did you find native interface support for Storj? I went through the list (Storj docs and official websites) and it was either S3-compatibility or layered onto Rclone.

I stumbled across Storj a while back and thought it was very interesting. Not sure the current service plans will appeal to a large number of home users compared to Storj’s competition, but there’s certainly great potential for use cases that don’t require compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbox, GDPR, PCI DSS, etc.

I too saw storj before and while it’s interesting (anybody remember now defunct Wuala?) I’m still not sure what’s the benefit for the average home user compared to, say, Amazon S3 intelligent tiering (same price) let alone deep archive storage tiers.

While I can see how they can achieve the claimed reliability and uptime — for an average user it’s “some small company that keeps my data scattered who knows where” vs “Same storage provider my bank is using”. And it’s not cheaper — so the price argument is also cannot be made.

That said I’m installing storj node as we speak on my nas because I happen to have 10TB free just to play with it. But I don’t see why should I, as a user, switch to using it for storage. Unless I’m missing some obvious benefit.

Exactly, the differential would be the native support, as Rclone has.

I think it would be interesting for home users with up to 1TB of data. The vast majority of these users don’t even know what S3 is, buckets, glacier, etc., they just want to setup 2 or 3 parameters and do the cloud backup.

It will probably appeal to the same users who pick BitTorrent vs other file distribution methods, pros/cons of decentralized vs centralized systems are similar. If you want resilience against provider action (e.g. Amazon shutting down your access for whatever reason, or something blocking your access to Amazon), distributed model might be appealing. It’s not true P2P, so the company may implement some kind of killswitch, but it is ostensibly a lot less likely in this setup.

But yeah, current cost structure makes it unappealing for many users unless they have very specific requirements of why they won’t use the big guys. Heck, I’d probably use JottaCloud before StorJ at that point.

There is a go library: uplink package - - Go Packages.

Even free tier may be enough for some users who don’t need to backup much: 150GB storage and 150GB monthly bandwidth.

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