Suggestions for improving the forum


I think that a new discourse forum still needs some getting accustomed, and some other settings tunning.

Can i create a few issues with ideas about settings, themes and plugins which i suggest you could use?


Yes, sure.

I may have deleted some of your posts when I had to restore the forum from a backup due to several failed attempts to import posts from

@TheBestPessimist @towerbr would you like to be a moderator? anyone else?


OMG YES! :sob:



I mean… i would :blush:. Not sure about @towerbr :stuck_out_tongue:.



Yes, after having offered my help several times, I guess it’s time to make it real. :sunglasses:

Congrats for having gotten the forum setup! :+1: And even the old posts are imported! :tada:

One thing I’d like to suggest right away is to set discourse narrative bot welcome post delay (in site settings) to 60 seconds or so. That way, people will not be greeted by a black screen right after sign-up.

You migh also want to consider renaming the bot. Perhaps to duplibot?


I apologize for not being able to give you 2 likes :stuck_out_tongue:


@TheBestPessimist @towerbr @Christoph you are now moderators! Thank you for helping out!