Support via API, not webdav

duplicacy/ at master · gilbertchen/duplicacy · GitHub mentions via WebDAV and points to this page. However, has deprecated WebDAV support in January of this year WebDAV with Box - Box.

  1. The README should be updated to remove references.
  2. Can a proper API support be added? Box offers unlimited storage and transfers and is a very desirable storage endpoint.


Edit: Opened native API support · Issue #573 · gilbertchen/duplicacy · GitHub.


@gchen Any desire to implement this?

Thank you.

Unfortunately doesn’t provide a go SDK:, which means we’ll have to implement the backend from scratch.

I don’t know how many users would be interested in using as the backend. I’ll give it a try if several more reply in this thread.


I would be interested in using as a backend for sure!

Not sure if this is at all helpful: GitHub - ttacon/box: golang API for box

Me too.

Rclone supports box, so while technically there is a solution via rclone serve or even uncached mount — I’d rather avoid intermediate level.

Now that g-suite is no more — box remains the only reasonable unlimited choice.

Actually, unlimited is still reasonable with Workspace Unlimited Google Drive storage is getting more expensive with Workspace. I was also afraid it was gone, but it’s still very much there.

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Ha! That is good to know, albeit its’ indeed 30% more expensive than box.

It does have however benefits of reports of people successfully using it as opposed to rclone/box contraption. Whether it’s worth additional $5/month is to be decided.

Edit. It seems Workspace allows enterprise plan with 1 user, according to the screenshot? That maybe the way to go then; box needs 3 (while I do have 3 friends who are interested in unlimited backup – this may not be the case for everyone :slight_smile:

Another possibility would be to use box by ftp but ftp isn’t supported by Duplicacy either:

I know this is an older thread, but I’m new to using Duplicacy and was wondering whether there is an update on whether API support will be added. I had some issues with Duplicati and would like to switch to Duplicacy, but my experience with WebDAV hasn’t been great so far.