Support of Samba and NFS for destination storage?

Duplicacy (And Web Edition) does not support NFS and Samba as destination target ?

Is this planned in future versions ?

Both the CLI and the web GUI support Samba and NFS as the destination storage. They are not treated any differently from local disks. You just need to use the full path in the storage url.

Hi, thanks i will try this tomorrow.

@gchen any hope of SMB/NFS support for source to backup? I have some systems that just wont allow installing duplicacy directly (//homeassistant/backup) and I would like to have duplicacy back those up.

I know I can mount the share locally, but I would have to remember to maintain that.

Just another question, credentials to connect the share is not stored by Duplicacy ?

@raymond.bennett did you mean that the directory you want to back up is on a SMB/NFS drive and you want Duplicacy to access it directly instead of mounting it first to a local path? If so then I’m afraid this is not going to happen soon, because the current implementation always assumes source files are read locally, and significant changes would be required to enable this feature.

@AZERTY No, Duplicacy access the share as local path and you’ll have to set it up before running Duplicacy.

Hi, ok. I run duplicacy web as a service, i think the best is to mount my shared destination as a drive with the user that run duplicacy. I am right ?