Support with new config / Need to start over


I have been using Duplicacy for a few months using OneDrive Business as backend and everything worked fine. I did regular checks and there has not been an issue. While restoring I got the message that a chunk could not be found - restarting the restore gave me another failure that the checksum did not match on another chunk, so that I believe that there is a significant issue with my current setup and I need to start over again.

My idea is to backup my files to a local repository on my laptop first - while connected to the WiFi or good VPN connection I would use the copy command to copy the snapshots to my onsite storage server. That setup would allow me to do backups even while being offline and copy those later on.

Furthermore, I would like to add at least two cloud storage providers.
My first idea was to use “rclone sync” from my onsite storage server to sync the whole repository every time. My idea was that this should allow me to use e.g. check -chunks or check -files on the onsite storage server to save on bandwidth for regular full checks.

Would this setup work or can someone please point me in the right direction?
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I have created two repositories for different data with the following command to be backed up to my local storage. Of cause I have switched to the correct directory before.

duplicacy init -erasure-coding 5:2 data1 c:\DuplicacyStorage
duplicacy init -erasure-coding 5:2 data2 c:\DuplicacyStorage

Would it be correct to use the next two commands to connect a second target:

duplicacy add -bit-identical onsite_server data1 \\server\DuplicacyStorage
duplicacy add -bit-identical onsite_server data2 \\server\DuplicacyStorage