Switch GCD accounts

Does anyone have a recommendation on moving a target repo from one GCD account to a different one?

Can I simply pause all my backups/prunes/etc, copy the top-level folder to the new GCD account, and then swap the gcd-token.json file? Will this work? Does encryption change per account?


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This should just work. The encryption is independent of GCD account credentials.

Thank you for the reply. I am still copying the content to the new account and then will test and report-back for anyone else that may need the info in the future.

Instead of copying the content, why not share the folder, then “save the content of that shared folder in your drive”? i think this has no badwidth requirements on your side, since all would happen inside google’s datacenter.

That is what I am doing, but it’s slower than you think for a large number of files (it appears that Google does actually copy/move the content from shard/node to another).

I didn’t think the way I was copying from account to account was relevant to the question.

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