Synology docker memory use discrepancy

Can anyone explain the discrepancy in Docker/Duplicacy ram usage reporting? I have 8GB in the Syno. Duplicacy is the only container.

I can. It’s Synology being Synology. Disregard what they report. For real data ssh and run sudo htop.

Longer version. It’s a bug is docker (released memory was improperly accounted for). It was fixed more than 4 years ago. But because Synology keeps their own mangled and outdated forks this bugs lives in their products forever. I myself reported it 4 years ago. Was thanked. But as you can see — Synology could not care less.

(Wait until you have free time and take a peek at the changes they made in OpenSSH and other security software. Just don’t burn it with napalm, recycle it responsibly)

Thanks for the reply. So, based on htop in ssh, the Synology report is the correct one. That makes sense if the Docker bug is incorrectly accounting for released memory. So, I should disregard what the docker reports.

Yeah, I get that Synology isn’t perfect, but aside from occasional quirks and proprietary acting out, it’s worked like a champ for me for years now. Just bought a new one. I can’t fault it for my purposes.