Synology Docker Volume Management

I recently got a Synology and have chosen to use Duplicacy for backups. I am using @saspus 's image. I initially used the Synology Docker GUI, but did not see a way to add new host paths that needed to be backed up into the running container. It was also not clear to me how I would easily manage the image/container lifecycle (e.g. config changes, new versions, new volume mounts) from this GUI over time.

I then switched to ssh’ing into the Synology and running the container from there. That is essentially working, but in order to add new directories to back up, I created a single read only mount point and then tried to symlink the new dirs to that location. This does not work, even after running a new container (maybe a Docker limitation?). So for now I stop the container, prune it, add the new volume mount(s) to the container config, and create a new container.

Is there a way to dynamically add new backup targets from the host into a running Docker container?

How do other Synology users manage this? I’m looking for a simple and durable approach, but am not yet familiar with the idiomatic pattern using Docker.

Hi there.

On synology you don’t have to use docker to run Duplicacy. This is what I do now: Duplicacy Web on Synology Diskstation without Docker | Trinkets, Odds, and Ends

This not only avoids broken stats reporting with the docker engine version synology is using but also will completely eliminate your issue.


Thanks @saspus, that approach is working great.

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