Synology DSM 7.0 packages

These are Synology packages for installing the Web GUI of Duplicacy on DSM 7.0:

If you need to find out which package is for your Synology NAS, check this page:

Note: on DSM 7.0 the Web GUI runs as duplicacy which is a system internal account. If you want to back up a shared folder you’ll need to make that folder readable by duplicacy.


Thank you very much for your work! I’m trying to install it on my Synology 420j running DSM 7.0-41890. I selected the rtd1296 package and I get an error saying “Invalid file format. Please contact the package developer.” when trying to run it though the manual install in the Package Center. I tried redownloading the package in case of corruption, but won’t work even after that.

It looks like DSM 7.0 doesn’t allow third-party packages to be installed. In DSM 6.2 there is an option to accept packages from any developer, but now this option is gone.

DSM 7.0 does allow third-party packages. The invalid file format was caused by a missing required version key in the packages. I’ve updated all the packages above and confirmed that it worked on my Synology NAS.

Works on mine too. Cheers!

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