Thanks for the great software


Just a thank you to the team behind this software. I’m another CrashPlan convert and after a few weeks of testing various solutions, Duplicacy easily came out on top. The GUI + CLI options work well for the different people using the software in my house, and the easy integration with BackBlaze was the killer feature for me.

Also, particular thanks to @TheBestPessimist for the answers to my post as I was testing and also for the useful utils that are posted here. They saved me a bunch of time getting things up and running fully.



Yes agree…

Thanks to @gchen and to @TheBestPessimist and others!! Much appreciated!


Yeah, +1

Also thanks for the really fair pricing, especially longterm and/or with multiple PC.


Thank you guys! Nothing is more satisfying than seeing happy users. Feedback from users like you is what makes Duplicacy better!


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Thanks Christoph, and thanks for all your contributions too! I neglected to mention you in my earlier post!