The repository has already been initialized

I’m using Windows CLI and I want to backup my repository (D:\test folder) to both Gdrive and B2.

I initialized the Gdrive and ran an encrypted backup and all seems well. But when I went to D:\test folder to initialize the B2 backup using a different snapshot ID, I get “The repository … has already been initialized”

Is it possible to backup the same repository to different locations? If so, how would I do that?

You’ll need to use the add command. I recommend making it copy-compatible, with the -copy flag:

Thank you. That looks promising… however, when I tried to implement it to use B2, the command line stalled after entering the initial storage password and the verification ask never appeared.

FWIW I’m using a 30 character password using basic symbols ($%^&*). Any idea why this is happening? I haven’t had this issue with init.

This problem was Adblock related. Once I discovered that was being blocked, the solution was apparent.

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