There should be an easy way to pause a schedule



In the Web UI, how do you pause a schedule? I have only seen the option to delete a schedule which is not really ideal.


[not using web ui here]

Is there a “disable” button/checkmark?


No… I can only see “delete” for an individual Job or the complete Schedule, and I can move (change the order) of the Jobs


Ah, in that case i can’t help you here, sorry :sweat:


I do this by unchecking all of the days of the week in the schedule.


This was also the only way I found.


I made this a feature request, as it seems like a useful use-case!


Thanks for the suggestions. I tried it and it was the only way to pause the schedulle. In the old GUI there was a stop and start button which you could use. Something similar would be good in the Web UI.