This is embarrassing - I have never pruned (I didn't need to, I promise!)

I am familiar with the prune command and what it does, the arguments, and how it works with the chunks and revisions/etc. That said… storage is cheap so I have literally never pruned my storages before even though I’ve had daily backups going for several years. Now I have added hundreds of GB of movies and move files around and change stuff a lot so it’s now important that I start pruning to conserve storage/save cost. I have a schedule set up to run backups and a check every night and check has never failed. Is there something else I should do before running a prune? Should I run check -chunks or something else to make sure everything is good before pruning?

I mean you can… it’s always a good idea to run it occasionally anyway. But for the purposes of prune I doubt it matters.

Personally, I don’t use Duplicacy to backup movies as they lock up the data in propetary chunks that you can’t quickly access directly or mount (and you’re not likely to benefit from de-duplication with large media files anyway). Depending on what storage backend you use, Rclone may be a better tool for such files.

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If you just move stuff around, and this stuff is mostly immutable (e.g. media such as movies), then prune won’t do you much good as moving stuff around won’t generate much of the new chunk data so it won’t take new space anyway.