Transferring backups from Linux to W10

I’m running Duplicacy GUI on a Ubuntu 19.04 client backing up to an SFTP server. Most of the repositories that are being backed up are on a dedicated NTFS partition that can also be accessed by a dual booted instance of W10. Unfortunately, I am having to switch from the Ubuntu to the W10 instance as my daily driver, so I need to switch to running backup from W10, too. How can I move Duplicacy?

  • transfer the license?

  • continue backing up the repository data that is stored on the NTFS partition using the existing backup locations without losing old versions or re-transferring a lot of data? (Backup size is about 70 GB so if it is easier to start over I can do that. Losing old versions won’t be a disaster.)

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Except for transferring the licence, which i’m not sure how to do but i think it involves something with the hostname, sorry, you roughly have to do the following:

  • install :d: on new computer
  • add the storage on the new computer
  • add the repository on the new computer. You can use the existing name (snapshot-id) (if you want to continue the backups straight from where you left them) or create a new snapshot-id.
  • set up the backup schedule and prune schedules normally.

Don’t worry about this, your backups won’t go away, and :d: is smart enough to figure out that all the data (the chunks) is already uploaded, so it will just show a lot of skipped chunk messages.

These are the rough steps, but all in all, as long as you use the same storage, everything should be smooth sailing.

For transferring the license, see Move Duplicacy & Licence

Thanks. I got it working using your hints.

Now I am ready to try copying to cloud storage. I’d like to use OneDrive for Business. Is that working?