Transparent (and customizable) options

When scheduling a command through the web-ui, duplicacy is implying certain options (e.g. -all, in the case of the check command) and those options are certainly wisely chosen, but it nevertheless bugs me that

  • the user doesn’t know which default options will be applied.
  • the user cannot undo those default options. In certain cases this is not just an aestetic problem but makes certain jobs impossible, e.g. checking the files in a specific revision.
  • the user cannot add any such default options (e.g. add -threads 4 or -v to certain commands by default.

It would great to see some of this in a coming update of the web-ui.

It would also be great be able to get a list of the available options for the selected command while creating a job in the web-ui. That list could be dynamically created using the -help option.