Troubleshooting a connection issue

HI Folks, Duplicacy is working fine for me as I have about 5 people from aross the country connecting to my synology device in the basement using sftp.

I have one person who is unable to connect for some reason. We did a traceroute from his house to mine and the route dies as shown below. He is in Iowa and I am in Colorado… so it made it almost all the way. :slight_smile:

I am wondering if anyone has any advice on what I should look at next as far as resolving this issue. Any thoughts?

I would not rely on ping too much. While it does happen that the routing between you two is broken I’d rule out more trivial causes first.

What sorts of connection issues do they experience? Can’t resolve? Can’t connect? Can’t auth? Can’t enumerate folders?

Since you are asking Duplicacy question I assume they can connect to your SFTP server in a command line line/terminal/other tools such as Transmit and CyberDuck but Duplicacy fails to.

If so, check:

  • if the authentication is key based that the key is provided to Duplicacy
  • that the connection string refer to the absolute path to your storage folder (Is does path after domain name start with //?)

Hi Saspus, yeah this is a little off-topic b/c even command line sftp fails with connection time out.

It is not a duplicacy problem… just a network problem.