Tutorial: How to use Duplicacy CLI to backup to a sftp server. (Beginners Guide)

I’m a restic and rclone user but I’ve just recently decided to try to start using the CLI version of Duplicacy.

It seems to work great but to someone just starting to use Duplicacy CLI, the documentation is very confusing.

So I’ve decided to start writing my own guides and tutorials to make better use of the application.

I’ve current got a Github repository that I’m using for it.

Does anyone know if sharing that here is allowed?

Of course you are more than welcome to post the link or content here. You can also try to edit the wiki at Home · gilbertchen/duplicacy Wiki · GitHub

I thought the wiki docs were migrated into the Discourse forum guide? Are these two resources properly in sync? What about having a proper docs site a la MkDocs?

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This is my initial draft. I still have to finish the “Restore” section.


Few comments there:

  1. Why not improve existing documentation instead of starting from scratch? The usecase you are describing is covered by the tutorial Duplicacy quick-start (CLI). I agree we need some sort of wiki or MkDocs with public source to facilitate community contribution.
  2. The latest and stable versions are reported by the web service, e.g. curl -s 'https://duplicacy.com/latest_cli_version' |jq -r '.stable'
  3. Copying private key to some random locations is not a good idea. Instead, point the Duplicacy to the key
  4. There shall be no need to edit .duplciacy/preferences manually, Duplicacy provides CLI interface to do it. It’s described here
  5. Storing password in the environment variable is not a good idea. Anyone with sufficient rights can see other processes environment. Instead, provide a system keychain. Duplicacy can interact with keychain.
  6. IN almost all cases you want -vss flag with the backup.