Unable to backup to Network Share path

I’m attempting to backup to my home server using a mapped drive (V:). However, the mapped drive is not shown in the listed directory paths in the Duplicacy UI.

If I manually insert the path, it fails with the message “Failed to check the storage at V:: Failed to load the file storage at V:: mkdir V:: The system cannot find the path specified.”

I’ve ensured that the folder is shared on my server and permissions set to allow “Everyone” full control.

What am I doing wrong?

Likely you have installed duplicacy under system account but map the drive under your user account. System account does not see the disks mounted by the user.

One possible solution is here SMB Repository with password

Another (which I would recommend instead) — enable SSH server on windows (it is now built in) with key based, passswordless authentication and backup via SSH.


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