Unable to read duplicacy.json


Whenever I try to run the duplicacy executable from my ubuntu machine it gives me the error “Failed to load the configuration file /home/lewis/.duplicacy-web/duplicacy.json.
Please check the the log file /home/lewis/.duplicacy-web/logs/duplicacy_web.log for detailed information.”

On checking the log file it just has the below:
“2020/02/18 22:10:28 Duplicacy Web Edition 1.2.1 (0BDA94)
2020/02/18 22:10:29 Duplicacy CLI 2.3.0
2020/02/18 22:10:30 GET /assets/css/paper-dashboard.css
2020/02/18 22:10:30 GET /assets/css/duplicacy-web.css
2020/02/18 22:10:30 GET /assets/js/paper-dashboard.js
2020/02/18 22:10:31 GET /assets/img/duplicacy-32.png
2020/02/18 22:25:18 Created a new configuration.
2020/02/18 22:25:18 Temporary directory set to /home/lewis/.duplicacy-web/repositories”

Am I missing something here? I made a cronjob to run the executable and it all seems to be working but if I run it manually I get the error. At first, I thought it was just the file being in use but I removed it from the cron and restarted the server to get the same issue. It also looks like the config has some old details in it too.

Any ideas on the best action to take here to make sure everything is in a healthy state on my install? This all started as emails don’t seem to be being sent when scheduled backups complete and I have just upgraded to the latest version to try and fix that issue.

Any assistance would be appricated.

A cronjob usually runs as root and the configuration will be stored to /root/.duplicacy-web/duplicacy.json.

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Yep looks like I got a bit snow blind and missed this obvious thing!

Thanks for setting me straight.

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