Unable to renew license due to "Invalid Promotional Code"

As the topic describes, I am unable to renew my license due to “Invalid Promotional Code” when using either credit card or PayPal checkout. I’m not sure how to proceed with license renewal.

IIRC promotional code must be a valid, unexpired license. Is this the case?

I am using the Activation Code of my existing license (which is now expired) as the promotional code in order to get the renewal price. I was also getting the error when my license was unexpired, which was a few days before the expiration date. Should I be using something else?

Summoning @gchen to comment

You don’t need to enter the promo code when you renew one license. The renewal price (which is $5/year) will be automatically applied. The promo code is only needed for discounts on renewing additional licenses (for $2/year each).

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