Unable to Restore from B2

I’m trying to restore a B2 backup from the web GUI. After selecting the Backup ID from the dropdown, t grinds away for a long time, trying to list the revisions. After about 15 minutes of this, it finally returns the following error message:

Failed to list revisions for backup ‘Brad’ in the storage B2: Failed to download the file snapshots/Brad/1999: URL request ‘https://f002.backblazeb2.com/file/Brads-Backup/snapshots/Brad/1999’ returned 500 internal incident

I’m able to restore other B2 backups, the problem is specific to this job.Also, the backup job continues to run multiple times per day, with no errors.

500 usually indicates the B2 servers runs into some error. Does the problem persist when you try again? Maybe it is just a temporary error.

The problem was the nightly prune job wasn’t running, so I guess too many backup jobs were present in the list, causing it to timeout. After pruning, it works fine. Thanks.