Unlimited Cloud/Storage Provider


I’m searching for a Cloud Provider with Unlimited Storage that’s working with Duplicacy.

Preferred from Europe.

Many Thanks!



Hi Revan335,

I’m pretty sure you can get unlimited storage from any storage provider out there (backblaze, wasabi, azure, aws, gcp, …) as long as you have the necessary funds and since you didn’t mention anything about that I simply assume this is not a deciding factor.

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Not a good idea. Any provider offering “unlimited” storage space will have to limit your usage of the service in some other way. If that limitation is just speed, that would perhaps not be a problem when using it for backups only, since speed is not important for backups. But I would argue that what you get in practice are many more limitations, especially lack of reliability.

@saspus wrote some time ago (can’t find the post now) that it is a good idea to make sure that your interests as a user and the provider’s interests are aligned, in the sense that it should not be beneficial for the provider to give you a bad service.

The discussion at the time was about my lifetime storage at pcloud, which is also a kind of unlimited product (although they can expect me to die at some point, I’m afraid), and the problem is that since I already paid my one time fee, they have no interest in fixing any issues I might have. (And that’s exactly how their support acts.)

With unlimited space, it’s perhaps not as bad, because you’re probably paying a monthly fee, but once you are using above average space, it’s basically the same: they’ll rather drop you as a customer than fix your problems. Like Albert Einstein or some other smartpants once said: There is no such thing as free storage space.

With that said: there is one exception, I would argue: when (usually smaller) companies temporarily offer lifetime plans as a way of getting cheap capital. In that case, it’s about getting people to pay upfront for a few years of the service - basically they are investing in the company and their dividend is that they can use the service for the rest of their life. With digital services the costs for this is very small compared to what a loan would cost.