Unraid Docker not starting

I’m unable to start the Unraid Duplicacy docker. It begins to start and then fails and shows “Stopped”.

Before I try something drastic like uninstall-reinstall or replacing the appdata with a backup, I thought I would come here first.

Here is the log:
launch.sh runing as user root:root(0:0)
Using machine-id = c8c34d8afee4a18483aafd725ecc8114
duplicacy_web runing as user root:root(0:0)
Logging tail of the log from this moment on
Starting duplicacy
/usr/local/bin/init.sh: line 40: 14 Bus error su-exec $USR_ID:$GRP_ID launch.sh

Wow. Never seen this before. which container tag is this? Can you post the full docker run command?

The issue is likely because the duplicacy_web executable is corrupted. Depending on whether your are using latest or mini container the remedy will be different.

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Wow ok. Update.

Short version: I made the docker image larger and now duplicacy is working again.

Long version:

  1. I noticed this whole issue because I was installing the digikam docker which pushed my docker utilization to 71%.
  2. This morning, I stopped all the dockers, disabled docker, increased docker image vdisk, and re-enabled dockers.
  3. Now Duplicacy seems to be working fine.

I am running the default install out of the Community Applications plugin on Unraid. Version is ‘up-to-date’.

If you want me to post something else, I am happy to. You’ll just have to tell me what to do as I’m a novice. :slight_smile: