Updated network, IP changed on windows computer hosting Duplicacy, can't launch

I looked through quite a bit of resources so apologies if this is posted somewhere… I recently updated my duplicacy web host machine and the IP ended up changing, I have a ton of customization to the paths and backups going on and really want to be able to fix this without re-setting it all up.

I am running Duplicacy-Web on Windows 11, I looked in “C:\Users{USER}\AppData\Local\DuplicacyWebEdition”, added a settings,json with the
“listening_address”: “”
entry, looked in Program Files, Program Data, still can’t find this dang configuration file so I can update the IP. When I launch Duplicacy I simply get the message “Can’t start the web server at ' listen tcp… bind: the requested address is not valid in its context.”

Which makes sense, as the IP for the computer hosting it is now a 192.168.2.X address…

So I guess what I’m asking is: where can I change a config to point to the new IP on a windows 11 machine hosting duplicacy web?

The configuration directory is C:\Users\USER\.duplicacy-web. Probably there is already a settings.json file under that directory and you can just edit the file.

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Oh my gosh I feel like an idiot… Thank you so much. I checked every other folder but not the one with the preceding period.


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